How do I care for my jewelry?

When not wearing your jewelry, be sure to store it in a dry place, preferably in the container it came in. This helps prevent scratching and maintains color for plated and silver pieces. Always remove your jewelry when applying scents, lotions and sprays - or even better, always put your jewelry on last before heading out the door. 

How and where is your jewelry made?

I work closely with trusted partners in Korea, Thailand and China. These factories are socially compliant and inspected on a regular basis. I use lab grown gem stones which are sustainable and conflict free. All pieces that are made by me are designed by myself here in in NYC. 

Do you make custom pieces?

Golly that sounds fun! DM me on instagram and let's chat.... I have created pieces from carved wax here locally in NYC and it's super fun. 

Do you do Co Labs?

I love a good co lab but I do think it's best if it fits the brand and is beneficial to both partners.  Reach out if you have an idea!

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